NoSpaceForlove Instrumentally, a powerful push between love and success. So is it Love or is it hate? It would be better defined more along the basis of a double entendre. NoSpaceforLove is the paradox that isn’t anti-love just pro success.

NoSpaceforLove is based on the principle of Self-love. NoSpaceforlove simply is the lack of love for anything that could hinder your perception of reality. Love can fall deeper than the bond that falls between a man and a woman. Everyone has their poison, but when you over indulge and become over infatuated with temporary things that becomes love…

Self-love is actually based on the theory of selflessness. To become selfless you have to put yourself in a position where you don’t have to worry about yourself allowing you’re to focus your love into someone else.

In this generation of not being in love you have to ask yourself are you in love with the person or simply in love with the though of being in love. Life’s no fairy tale and the truth hurts. Truth is based off of love styles men are ludic lovers, love that is played as a sport then you have women who tend to be pragmatic, the display love from the head and not the heart. Based off that you end up with a man who wants have fun a woman who want what she sees. Then we get to the kicker the number one reason for divorce is MONEY. Now you ask what happen to selflessness? Then none because focus is gone because there worry.

As adults we have responsibilities to ourselves and or others. The days of playing house should fall short of priorities. NoSpaceforlove, no space to allow someone into your life that’s non beneficial. Love is beautiful, but won’t pay bills, you a job or feed you. NoSpaceforlove allows you to prioritize. You truly can’t help any one until you help yourself. Put yourself in a position to build healthy relations.

Is everyone’s situation different? Yes. The information presented is true to fact but, my not apply to everyone. Regardless of perspective we can all agree when there’s more on the table its better to be able to feast than be famished.